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Our school is an inclusive school which supports a range of pupils with Special Educational Needs.

Our school promotes an inclusive learning environment where individual pupils' Special Educational Needs are met through high-quality class teaching. The school is structured into six classes with smaller class groups enabling teachers to ensure all pupils are engaged in their learning.

Each class has a Provision Map which directs the support individual pupils require. The school also employs Teaching Assistants who support the implementation of the Provision Map. Pupils who require additional support are supported through the Provision Map which plans interventions and programmes of work.

The school encourages pupils to select their own level of work and challenge themselves, so they can take a risk with their learning. This includes pupils with Special Educational Needs who would be supported in their learning.

The school has successfully integrated pupils with autism, social communication difficulties, Down Syndrome and specific learning difficulties.

The school works with outside agencies, including Educational Psychology, to ensure the provision given to pupils is tailored to their needs.

If your child has Special Educational Needs and you are interested in them attending our school please make an appointment to speak to our SENCO (Wednesday only) or Family Liaison Officer. She will invite you to visit our school and discuss how we can work in partnership to meet your child's needs.

For more information on Kent County Council's Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs please follow this link: